The Nathan and Christine Were Foundation [N&CWF] was created in 2019 and formally launched on the 1st of February 2020. The foundation’s focus is on education and seeks to build bridges for brilliant but needy children to access education.

Nathan Were the co-founder of the foundation went through a very difficult time during his education as he lacked school fees and scholastic materials often resorting to collecting garbage and plastics to raise money for scholastic materials and working on the construction sites of the schools, he attended in exchange for school fees. It was only through help of a good Samaritan who offered a bursary, that he was able to complete his primary and secondary education.

Today, he works for the World Bank Group and has attended the prestigious Harvard Business School. If it wasn’t for the support from others to enable him to get an education, he would be somewhere in the village as a farmer, hunter or charcoal burner. They’re plenty of children like Nathan out there and our goal is to find them and shape them into important resources that can help the country tomorrow.

Our Milestones


Nathan & Christine Were Foundation was created in Kampala, Uganda

1st February 2020

Nathan & Christine Were Foundation was launched in Kampala, Uganda

February 2020,

Signed First 10 year partnership for the “Christine Were Prize for Discipline and Excellence” with Busy Bee Junior School.