Organization Brief

The Christine and Nathan Were Foundation [N&CWF] was created in 2019 to support causes in Education for disadvantaged but brilliant children in Uganda and beyond. The foundation identifies and supports children in primary schools in various ways including fees, scholastic materials, and sanitary towels for the girl child.

Nathan Were the co-founder of the foundation experienced a turbulent time in his formative years of school due to a lack of school fees. He collected garbage and plastics to raise money for scholastic materials and often worked as a porter at school in exchange for fees. It was only through a good Samaritan who offered a bursary that he was able to complete his primary and secondary education. He has attended the Harvard Business School and currently works with the World Bank Group.


It is against this background, that together with his wife Christine, Nathan decided to set-up the foundation to primarily focus on education for the disadvantaged but brilliant children and create opportunities that can unlock the potential of these kids to secure for them a bright future.